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Parish Groups

Any parish can be vibrant or dull. It all depends on how much each parishioner allows the Holy Spirit to work through them. At St. Benedict Parish, we are blessed with 56 different groups that breathe life into our community. Each group allows people just like you to put their gifts and talents at the service of others. Each group also allows people like you to derive benefit from the "faith in action" of your fellow parishioners.


Do you want to see our parish thrive? Then get involved. Be part of something.


We've organized our various groups into seven categories:

All the groups in this section deal with learning more about our faith, such as Bible study, catechism classes and faith sharing.

These are the many group that are integral to our celebration of the Eucharist, which is the source and summit of the Christian life. Everying from altar serving to lectoring to taking holy communion to the homebound is described here.

We are never too young or too old to develop our relationship with God. The language of this relationship is prayer. Praying with others is a way to enrich our own faith commitment and to help others with theirs, too.

This category lists all the groups in the parish that offer service both within and beyond our parish boundaries, such as our Legal Aid Clinic, Out of the Cold, St. Vincent de Paul and Alcoholics Anonymous.

These groups pay particular attention to our need to gather in a relaxed social setting, which is also great way to encounter God.

Here you'll find all the groups that keep our church building and grounds beautiful and in good repair, as well as our technical support and bookkeeping.

We are proud of the range of activities offered for children and youth from 3-35 years of age.

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