What is Public Access?

The Public Access Scheme allows you to instruct a barrister to represent you and to act on your behalf in a legal dispute , or to provide legal advice directly to you. The Public Access Rules came into force in July 2004 meaning that you are now able, in many circumstances, to instruct a barrister directly. A public access barrister can advise you if your case is one in which they can act direty or if your case does needs a solicitor. This can be provided at no cost. We can even assist you in arranging a first meeting with a solicitor who is appropriate for your case. Where your case does not require a solicitor, a public access barrister will be able to represent you directly, including drafting legal documents, court forms and letters and representing you in court.

What type of work can a public access barrister carry out?

There are a number of different areas of Law that a public access barrister can carry out. As you can see from this website, Jeanette can carry out the following type of work: Drafting legal documents, court forms, letters, negociation with the otherside and represent you in court in the following areas: Criminal Law (Paid Privately - Not Legal Aid) Road Traffic Cases Personl Injuty including RTC's RTC's (No Injury) Contractual Disputes Employment Disputes Child Access Professional Discipline (such as complaint's against professionals such as Doctors, Teachers etc)

How much will instructing a public access barrister cost me?

The cost will depend on a number of factors including, the volume of documents, the amount of tasks you need help with such as drafting statements, court forms or if it's simply just representation at court. The price will also take account of the length of the hearing, the location of the hearing and the complexities and time taken to prepare for the case. Jeanette will always provide you with a clear pricing structure for handling your case. You will be asked to pay in advance. This means you will never be charged for work that you have not already agreed should be carried out. This means that should your case require any additional work Jeanette will contact you in advance, explain why the additional work is necessary and take your clear instructions on whether you want her to carry out the work or not. Again, you will be asked for payment in advance of carrying out the additional work. This means that you will never get an unexpected bill. Jeanette is able to work on both a fixed fee or an hourly rate depending on the case and your budget. The agreement you come to will be contained in a written contract and payment made most commonly by BACS transfer. A public access barrister can cost anywhere between £150 and £750 per hour, depending on seniority and experience. Please discuss Jeanette's hourly rate for your case either with her directly or with her direct access clerking team. There will be no hidden additional costs. Any additional costs will be set out in an agreement and included in advance. The most likely additional cost is reasonable travel expenses where a hearing or meeting is in a court that is more than 50 miles from Jeanette's home office.

I want to discuss my case & get a quote. What should I do next?

You can contact Jeanette directly by many means including: Through her Facebook Business Page (Link at the bottom of contact page) Live chat at the header of this website By email to Fill in the contact form on the contact page of this website If you would rather speak immediatly to somebody or would rather deal with Jeanette's Public Access Clerks, please call Clerksroom Direct on the free 24/7 enquiry number: 0333 060 9629 You can also email them at

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