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In Toronto, the Church’s invitation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation is usually extended to young people in Grade 7.  However, the response to this invitation comes at different times for different people.


It is not necessary to be confirmed in Grade 7. Indeed, if one’s faith commitment is not yet sufficiently mature to accept this invitation, it is best to wait. How long? Until one desires ‘full initiation into the Church’, which is what Confirmation is about. Confirmation is not a rite of passage like graduation from elementary school; it is the beginning of a personal commitment to be an active member of the Roman Catholic Church, with all the joys and responsibilities that that entails. Therefore, the best time to be confirmed is not necessarily Grade 7, but rather when you are prepared to deepen your life in the Spirit.

Confirmation Booklet


If you are seeking information about Confirmation for your youth, please see PART I.


If you are seeking information about Confirmation for adults, please see PART II.

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