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Bernadette Timson


Bernadette Timson- CCBR Internship Update, Fall 2019


Dear friends and supporters,


At the beginning of September, I asked St. Benedict Parish for donations that would enable me to participate in an eight month internship with the prolife organization Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform (herein referred to as CCBR). If you are receiving this message in your inbox, it is because you have requested to sign up for my emails for the duration of the internship. First and foremost, I would like to officially welcome you to my support team and to express my gratitude for all of your generous contributions, whether it was done financially or spiritually. 


First I am pleased to inform you that in the Scarborough region, where my team and I focus our efforts, our projects have already reached over 100,000 people in the past four months alone! This could not have been possible, without the help of generous donors such as yourselves and we are eager to continue to reach more people in 2020. An example of one such project is "Choice" Chain, where our team will stand on a public sidewalk at a major intersection or in front of a high school or post-secondary campus and by showing the images of aborted babies will have peaceful conversations with people who pass us by and effectively change minds and save lives! How do we do this? We start with The Human Rights Argument:

Do you believe in human rights?

Who would you say gets human rights?

If two human beings reproduce, what species is their offspring?

If something is growing, then isn't it alive?

Then shouldn't it logically follow, that abortion is a severe human rights violation?


Time and time again, my colleagues and I have seen minds changed from these five questions alone. Some personal stories which I can share are the following. 


Mahesha. I met Mahesha while my team and I were doing "Choice" Chain outside of her high school. I spoke with several young students that day, but my conversation with her stood out. It was raining and I was holding a sign of an eight week aborted embryo. As she passed by I asked her, "what do you think about abortion?" and offered her one of CCBR's pamphlets containing information such as the science of when life begins, some statistics on abortion in Canada and resourceful websites for men and women considering abortions, as well as those who have had previous ones. She told me that she had always been against it, but that a lot of people supported it. I've often received such a response from high school students, where it is more common not only to get an abortion, but be surrounded in an atmosphere of others one's own age, where it is loudly supported. I then presented to her the human rights argument to which she said, "Yeah, that makes sense." We further discussed her family, historical injustices and social reforms and ended with a brief hug as she walked away saying "You should keep doing this, you can change someone's mind." 


The Ambassador. A few weeks earlier, I met a man while doing "Choice" Chain who had never heard of abortion. I invited him to look at the image I held of a 10 week aborted fetus. I walked him through the human rights argument, at which point he said "You're right, that's awful". I thought that he would simply walk away, as some have and go back to work, but instead he then asked for three of my pamphlets and then pointed to my sign and asked another woman passing by what she thought about abortion. Without meaning to, he instantly became an ambassador for the pre born!


Erica. Erica, is another young woman I have met at a "Choice" Chain.  She then approached me and politely asked me why I was doing my work. I explained that we were showing the truth to people about abortion and having conversations with them to see what they thought about it. She then mentioned that she didn't really have enough information about abortion to decide either way. Indicating my sign of a 10 week old aborted fetus, I explained that this happens on average 300 times a day in Canada and asked her the human rights argument. "Hmm, that's interesting, I never really thought about that before," she said, "can I take a pamphlet?"


The humans rights argument is very effective, and I encourage you to bring it up to your friends and family when next discussing the topic of abortion. While I may never see any of these individuals again or know the rest of their story, I know that the images will cause them to think further about the pre born. Now because of our work, over 100,000 people in Toronto have seen the truth about abortion and can no longer deny it. It's time to end the killing.


This is all possible because you said "yes" to give of your time or resources so that others can say "yes" to choose life. Now, I would like to ask you to take the next step. I would like to encourage you to consider participating in some opportunities which our organization offers. Particularly if you are a student or perhaps know of a student, please check out our upcoming Pro Life Week of Action (PLWA) during March Break for high school students, or a summer internship (offered for high school and post-secondary students). Finally, our Crash Course in Toronto is offered for three days in July for the general public, young and old. Each of these programs offers pro-lifers high calibre knowledge from the most experienced leaders in the movement. Please make this one of your New Year's resolution; to further grow in your own knowledge and skills as an ambassador for the pre born yourself.


Finally, thank you once more, it is because of your prayers and your donations  that I have been able to not only reach, but exceed my fundraising goal for the first four months of the internship. If you haven't had an opportunity to look over my bulletin insert from September, I have attached it; it provides an explanation of CCBR, their contact information, the internship, my goals and what inspires me. Due to my part time status and commitments between school and work, it remains unclear as to whether or not I will be fundraising for my final four months of this internship, however I am confident that through your prayers and efforts I will also be able to reach that particular goal. If you would like to contact me, don't reply to this message, instead please email me separately at 


Merry Christmas to you and all of your families,


Bernadette Timson

CCBR Eight Month Intern


P.S.: Please keep in your prayers this Christmas season all expecting mothers, fathers and their babies, as well as those parents and children alike who have been victims of abortion. It is them for whom we work. 


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