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What is it?
An outreach program for the homeless which was first established in 1987 by a group of students of St. Michael’s School under the guidance of Sister Susan Moran of the order of Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow in order to try to alleviate the homeless of our City. Although its origins are catholic, the program was soon liked by many different faith groups who have since joined and are also committed to providing this much needed service. The program depends entirely on the support of people from local parishes and communities and is fully operated by way of volunteers and donations. Each of the site location operates the program one night a week for about 21to 23 weeks during the winter season. Therefore there is also a place for the homeless to go to on any given night.

Where and how does our Parish contribute?
Many of our parishioners have volunteered since 2004 through Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church at the St. Matthew Anglican Church site located at 3962 Bloor Street West (Kipling/Bloor). The program opens the doors to its guests on Sunday afternoons and provides a warm home cooked meal dinner (for about 60-80 homeless people) showers, laundry facilities, a movie, social interaction and support, overnight accommodation (for up to 30 men), breakfast and sends each overnight guest off with a TTC token and a healthy bag of lunch.

As a parish community through our parish organizers we prepare 1, 2 3 or 4 meals each season which we then deliver and serve on our chosen Sundays. We also provide financial donations, bags of lunches and deliver warm winter clothing and other items which are necessary to assist those in need.

How can you contribute? By volunteering your personal service or by donating, money, food, clothing or other items required Prior to the scheduled meal date an announcement will be made and an organizer will be in the Church’s foyer to collect donations and to sign up those wishing to volunteer in the preparation of the meal, serving or cleaning.

Clothing/Other items donations

In the front foyer there is a built in box in which you may drop off your clothing and items donations which are collected by Mario Mendicino (during the months of November to April) and delivered to the center on a weekly basis.

Donation items: T.T.C. Tokens, Pocket Books, magazines
Toiletries: Toothbrushes, toothpaste (travel size),razors (disposable), deodorant (travel size), combs/brushes, Shower towels, Laundry soap
Men’s clothes: new underwear, socks, long johns, jeans, sweat suits, t-shirts, sweaters (med/lg/ex-lg), Ski and Winter coats, gloves, hats, shoes, snow boots, back packs or duffle bags

For more information about the Out of the Cold program, visit their official website: http://www.ootc.ca/

Contacts: Catherine Mercuri at catherinemercuri@sympatico.ca,    416-795-4310
                  Rose Mendicino   416-246-0606

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