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Eucharistic Adoration


"When you look at the Crucifix,

you understand how much Jesus loved you then.

When you look at the Sacred Host

you understand how much Jesus loves you now."

Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

At a Catholic mass, the gifts of bread and wine are transformed into the real presence, of Christ. As Catholics, we believe that the elements are not only spiritually transformed, but rather are transformed substantially into the Body and Blood of Christ. This means that although the bread and wine retain the appearance of bread and wine, they are the actual Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ.

Because Roman Catholics believe that Christ is truly present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist, the reserved sacrament serves as a focal point of adoration.

Eucharistic adoration is a practice in the Catholic Church in which the reserved sacrament is exposed to and adored by the faithful. When this exposure and adoration is constant, twenty-four hours a day, it is called Perpetual Adoration.

The Lord awaits each of us to come, to be still, to know that He is God. You are welcome.

Eucharistic Adoration Schedule - St. Benedict Church

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